在昨日JsDelivr发布了可接受使用策略(Acceptable Use Policy)
源地址:JsDelivr Acceptable Use Policy

4. Prohibited Use

The following behavior is prohibited:

  1. Hosting or accessing content that:
    • contains malware or harmful code in any form,
    • violates proprietary rights of others,
    • is sexually explicit,
    • is potentially illegal in the EU or the USA.
  2. Abusing the service and its resources, or using jsDelivr as a general-purpose file or media hosting service. This includes, for example:
    • running an image hosting website and using jsDelivr as a storage for all uploaded images,
    • hosting videos, file backups, or other files in large quantities.
      We recognize that there are legitimate projects that consist of a large number of files, and these are not considered abuse. For example: icons packs, apps, or games with a large number of assets.
  3. Trying to bypass our limits or restrictions in any way. We will be happy to remove limits or provide custom solutions for legitimate projects.

    5. Additional Restrictions in China

    jsDelivr holds an ICP license issued by the Chinese government, which allows us to operate infrastructure directly in Mainland China. To keep this license and allow our Chinese users to benefit from the performance improvements it provides, any content served via our Chinese network must conform to Chinese policies. Content potentially violating Chinese policies may be blocked in China without warning.